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​Rent a Garage Okinawa

Dream of having a garage?
We've got just what you need!


​Rent a Drift Okinawa

Wanna start drifting? 
Check out what we offer!

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Worldwide Auto Sales

Tired of looking for that dream car?
​Rest assured we can do that for you!

Alex Auto Works is a small company that dreams big.

Located in Okinawa Japan, we provide a number of services:

  1. drift car rentals for all skill levels

  2. run daily/monthly garage rentals for any and all automotive needs

  3. engage in buying and selling of cars at competitive prices via our local and global partners


Thanks to our international staff, we have strong connections in the JDM community not only throughout Japan but also on a global level.

If you are into JDM or the automotive community overall, you’ll be sure to find something you like about us!

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